Koidupuna is performing folklore and staged concerts.
We also come and teach Estonian folk dances to everybody who is interested.

Please feel free to contact us and ask a date!

E-mail: info@koidupuna.ee
Phone: (+372) 5174054

Koidupuna joins cheerful and energetic folk dancers together, whose repertoire includes folkdances and folksongs, staged dances and old party games.
Koidupuna was born in 2008, when students from the Chamber Choir of Tallinn’s University of Technology wanted to participate in the 2009 Estonian Dance Festival as well as the Song Festival in which they were already participating. The dancing with instructor Kalev Järvela went so well, that the onetime plan became a long-term passion. Today we have over 30 active dancers, who meet twice a week and have regular performances.

Since that magic conception in 2008, Koidupuna has regularly participated in the Estonian national dance festivals, including the semi-annual youth and men and women’s dance festivals as well as the national Song and Dance festivals celebrated internationally. We also participate in those smaller local folklore events and festivals too, keeping Estonian traditions alive and well in modern times. In addition, we have represented Estonia in many festivals abroad: Germany’s ESTO’s and Bitburg’s festival, Udmurtia’s Tribefestival in Russia, Israel, the Slovakian Vychodna’s festival, Portugal, Findland’s Hollo and Martta’s festival + Finnish-Estonian Dance Festival + Folklandia also in Finland. And the most exotic floors that Koidupuna has danced includes a cruise ship, a train and even on a bus! Also, Koidupuna has been seen in a pop music video.

From all those lovely visits, we have made many friends: dancegroup Al-Nour from Israel, Beeksheepers from Germany, Hollolan Nuorisoseura ry from Finland, L posagnot from Italy and Grupo Folclórico e Etnográfico de Granja do Ulmeiro from Portugal.